Double Your Emergency Fund With a Money Market Account


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  1. Steven J Saines says:

    I agree with your analyses. Until the last 10 years of our life, we never had much in the way of emergency funds. Now we have a lot sloshing around here and there. A couple years ago I started a Treasury Direct account to buy some high interest stuff, and now I’m buying some T-bills. I’ve been investing in the 13 week variety.

    I didn’t know that, “Interest is exempt from state and local income taxes.” I’ll have to remember that when I do my taxes.


    • georgesaines says:

      We’ve made the choice to go with a 9 month buffer given the uncertainties in the tech industry at the moment, but ordinarily, I would follow my own advice here and stick with 6 months. I think we’ll probably end up splitting our emergency fund between a money market account and CDs.

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