Best Blogs

The best blogs are like friends: they’re a good resource of advice, they teach you hard lessons, and they pick you up when you’re struggling with your goals. I personally like blogs because they represent exactly the right format for conveying information efficiently. But obviously not all blogs are created equal.

Below are my top 10 personal finance blogs.

1500 days to freedom is the best blog for personal finance and a good chuckle.

1500 Days to Freedom

I love a good snarky blog. I also love personal finance, so what’s there not to like about 1500 Days to Freedom? A bit of levity on the topic of money is quite useful and healthy. And as someone who is financially independent, he can afford to tell the truth and be blunt, which I enjoy.

I've been reading Ben's blog for 5+ years.

A Wealth of Common Sense

I read A Wealth of Common Sense long before I started writing about personal finance. The writing is clear and I always feel like I come away a bit smarter. And in a space where it’s easy to plaster a post with incomprehensible graphs and charts, Ben does a great job of creating clear and compelling visuals.

The best blog aggregator on the list.

Apex Money

Apex Money is less about deep dives and more focused on short reads and thought pieces. I agree with the tenet that the personal finance space needs more curation. There’s a lot of content and not a lot of time to parse through it.

J. Money is funny and his content is super relatable.

Budgets Are Sexy

I love the casual vibes and real-talk of Budgets are Sexy. I haven’t delved deeply into some of J. Money’s other projects, but this one is very readable.

The best blog for mind-bendingly deep analyses about lots of topics, but especially the Safe Withdrawal Rate.

Early Retirement Now

As the name of this blog suggests, I’m a big fan of deep dives, economic analyses, graphs, and general over-analysis. So of course I like ERN’s Safe Withdrawal Rate series. It’s currently 59 parts long and going strong. If you’re new to FIRE, you should probably read it.

One of the original FIRE blogs.

Financial Samurai

Sam’s blog was actually how I got started drinking the personal finance Koolaid. I enjoy his motivational tone and commitment to deeply analyzing the topics he writes about.

Mr. Money Mustache is the one that made FIRE click for me.

Mr. Money Mustache

What list of FIRE blogs would be complete without the Mustache? In truth, I’m not much of a FIRE adherent these days. I do, however, retain a soft spot for his post about the simple math behind early retirement.

The best blog on this list for a good meme.

Retire in Progress

I haven’t followed RIP’s podcast series, but I like his writing, and the meme is strong with this one. I also like that many of his posts are quite in-depth and consider a lot of different scenarios and alternatives.

Old-school fire.

Root of Good

Root of Good is old school FIRE, and may not appeal to the current mainstream audience of people trying to retire early. With that said, I’ve always found the writing to be unpretentious and direct. It’s also a really good reality check about the lifestyle you can expect after quitting your day job. There’s lots of good and bad … like the rest of life!

The best blog for advice / insight into what it's like to live in your early retirement.

The Retirement Manifesto

I like the Retirement Manifesto for it’s focus on what happens after you FIRE. Many blogs and resources are focused on getting there, but when you do, now what? It’s interesting to dive into the nuts and bolts of life after you’ve achieved your goal.

Every blog has a series of posts that are a great way to get introduced with the author and subject. If you would like to dive deeper into the content here on Overthinking Money, I would recommend starting with my advice for the young and ambitious, my series on active investing, or ways to become rich while still young.